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Big Bob’s Floors & Kitchens Today Manchester
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Hours of Operation:
Monday & Thurs: 9 AM to 7 PM
Tues, Wed, Fri & Sat: 9 AM to till 6 PM
Sunday: Closed

Flooring and Carpet Store Manchester, CT ~ Glastonbury and Tolland

Manchester's Top Flooring & Carpet Store

    Floors and Kitchens Today aims to be the best flooring store, and best carpet store, in Manchester, Connecticut. How do we do this? Well, first and foremost, we offer incredible customer service. From the moment you first search for a flooring store near you, or perhaps want to find the best carpet store in Manchester and nearby cities such as Glastonbury and Tolland, Connecticut, our sales and support staff will treat you with respect and care.


Flooring and Carpet: A Store with Incredible Inventory

    Second, let's talk inventory. We have the latest and greatest flooring - hardwood floors, laminate, tiling, etc. We have the best carpets - all the key brands, all the varieties, and yes - all the colors. We have the top bathroom showroom in Manchester, as well as the top kitchen showroom not just in Manchester but also even in the "big city" of Glastonbury, CT. So you can browse your "dream" bathroom or kitchen in the store, get ideas, and even work with our staff on a home, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling contractor to get the job done. Looking for the best flooring and carpet store in Glastonbury, Connecticut? Here's our secret: it's not actually in Glastonbury, Connecticut, but rather just next door in Manchester!


The Ultimate Cabinet Store

    Third, let's talk cabinets. We're the #1 cabinet showroom as well and when people look for "Cabinet stores in Manchester, Connecticut" and end up at Floors and Kitchens Today to find out that we're their one-stop shop - kitchens and bathrooms, flooring and carpets, and all the top products rolled into one space.


Next Steps

    So, if you're wondering where to buy flooring, carpets, countertops, vinyl.. you've found the place. And if you're looking for the best flooring store or carpet store in Glastonbury and Tolland, Connecticut, you've found the place - right next door in Manchester, Connecticut. Just use this page for easy driving directions, or Google "Flooring stores near me" and put us into your GPS.
    You can call us at 774-901-5656, send us an email, or even request a custom quote online.


Manchester, Connecticut: Historical Factoid

    THE CIVIL WAR disrupted many lives, taking 268 young men from Manchester; 48 never returned. After the war, a time Mark Twain called "The Gilded Age," people in town launched many new commercial enterprises such as the stores of Watkins Bros., J.W. Hale Co. and C.E. House & Son, Inc (later known as House and Hale). Manchester had been called "Silktown" because of its famous silk mills, notably the immense Cheney Brothers Silk Manufacturing Co. in South Manchester. In the 19th, century the town could just as well have had the nickname "Papertown," since there were 5 successful paper mills in operation: the Rogers Co. at several locations; Case Bros. at Highland Park; Adams Paper Mill in Buckland; Lydall & Foulds at Parker Village, and Oakland Paper Co. near the border of South Windsor. Everything from soap, needles, specialty carts, machinery to melodeons was made in Manchester.
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