How To Brainstorm Your Dream Bathroom In Worcester? Visit Our Auburn Showroom

Many homes in Worcester, MA, are old and may only have one, or possibly two, bathrooms, when an extra one is really needed. Even if you have enough bathrooms in your home it is quite possible that all the fixtures and fittings are out of date and very “last century”, so it’s time to drag them into the 21st century with an update.

The problem is, how do you go about deciding what sort of a new bathroom you want? Sure, you can go online and see what you can find, but there are a couple of problems with that. The first is that while you can see some nice pictures of bathrooms you can’t actually get up close and personal to inspect the quality and the feel of everything. Second – and probably more important – is that if you have questions (and you will) who are you going to ask? Sometimes they have a chat option, but it’s nowhere near the same as a face to face talk with someone who really knows their subject. So you need to come to the a really friendly "bathroom showroom" here in good old, Worcester, Massachusetts.

Yes, we know. Where is the best bathroom showroom in Worcester, MA? It’s not actually physically “in” Worcester, but it’s only just a very short drive down the road to Auburn. This is where you will find Floors & Kitchens Today, Southbridge Street. (Yes, we have a huge choice of bathrooms as well, but we thought that “Floors & Kitchens & Bathrooms Today” was a bit too long for a name!).

A Wide Selection of Bathroom Fixtures for the Discriminating Worcester Consumer

Here not far from Worcester you will find a wide selection of bathrooms and ideas, and best of all there are people you can talk to and ask questions. Creating a new bathroom is quite an undertaking – even if you are not actually converting a spare bedroom into a new bathroom. There are so many things to think about such as the plumbing involved. Do you want a closed shower or do you want a walk-in shower? Do you want a tub in which to take a nice, long, hot soak after a tiring day during the pretty brutal Worcester winter, or do you want to do away with the tub completely and just have a shower?

Do you want twin vanities – his and hers – or can you make do with one? What about the tiling? Underfloor heating? Heated mirrors which don’t steam up?

There really is quite a lot involved in deciding on your new bathroom so you need to talk to people who know about bathrooms because they do nothing else all day.

So that means a trip to your bathroom showroom, Worcester, MA – which is in Auburn you will recall.