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Finding the Best Flooring Store in Worcester, Massachusetts (Hint: It's not in Worcester)

Folks who live in Worcester, Massachusetts, are justifiably proud of their community and their homes. Sure, we're not as big as Boston, our bigger city and rival to the East, and we're not as well known outside of Massachusetts, but we're very proud of our community and know that, deep down, there's a hospitality and community feel that makes Worcester a great place to live and work.

There are many older (and newer) homes in Worcester, and people take a lot of pride in their homes. You notice it in the summer, when the lawns are well-manicured, and on a Saturday or Sunday you can see the men (and women!) of Worcester out cutting the grass, tending their flowers, and just making sure that the lawns look great. And you can notice it inside the homes, in particular. People in Worcester are very proud of their homes, and want them to look nice and modern. Even some of the older homes might look "historic" on the outside, but when you go inside you notice a lot of modern appliances in the kitchen, and you'll notice very modern bathrooms and kitchens in a home. Which gets us to flooring and carpets. People want the latest, most up-to-date and modern styles in flooring and carpeting for their Worcester home.

This, however, is a bit of a problem. Let's face it. Worcester - per se - doesn't have the best flooring store or the best carpet store in Worcester County or Western Mass. For that - to find the best flooring store in Worcester or the best carpet store in Worcester, you have to 'go for a drive,' about 6 miles south to the fine town of Auburn, Massachusetts and the Floors and Kitchens Today store located at 470 Southbridge Street, Tel. 508-762-1680. So here's the secret. The best flooring store and the best carpet store in Worcester isn't actually "in" Worcester - it's in Auburn! (We're very proud of this little wrinkle). And so the next time you're in a house in Worcester and you're admiring the flooring or the carpeting, you might ask the homeowner - where did you find all this cool stuff? You may be surprised (or not, having read this post) to learn that they used our website, and then got in their car to drive just a little South to the best flooring and carpet store in the county.

We have all the top flooring brands and all the top carpet brands, and what's even better our helpful sales staff will help you to choose what will go best with your home, whether it's a modern one or a more traditional one. We'll work with you as 'idea consultants' to get it from idea / concept to installation. It's fun, and we make it easy. So come visit us, today!


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